In Shop Computer Repair

Don't Panic! We can fix it!

Sooner or later almost every computer develops a glitch, error or problem that simple troubleshooting can’t solve. It’s time for more extensive repairs. Computer repair, however, often comes with headaches and frustrations because the source of the problem isn’t obvious.

Is it the hardware, the software, or a combination of both?

Whichever the case, Tech Time can fix it!

In-Shop Computer Repair Services

  • Professional and friendly staff ready to help answer questions.
  • All repairs are performed locally in our offices. We don’t ship our laptops out of state!
  • Thorough internal cleaning and dusting to improve airflow, increasing the life of your computer.
  • A full service ‘Repair Shop’ with state of the art equipment and tools for in-shop computer repair services.
  • Convenient drop off and pickup location that is centrally located.
  • Quickest turnaround time in town. Average time is only 2 to 3 days for most repairs.
  • Flat rate services, so you know what it will cost before repair is performed.
  • If your files are ever at risk, then we will make a clone of your entire hard drive to keep safe until repair is complete.
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