Data Backup & Recovery

When you think all is lost...

Did your hard drive suddenly stop working? No longer able to access those photos on your SD card? Perhaps you accidentally erased your files or formatted your device. Nothing is more disheartening than finding out that you need data recovery. The last thing you want to do at this point is let someone attempt to recover your data without the proper equipment. We see plenty of hard drives that were opened up by other shops, or the brother-in-law that knows about computers. You can easily cause permanent damage, rendering your hard drive unrecoverable.

System and Data Recovery

  • Local Data Backup Solutions.
  • Recovery from all types of devices. (Desktop, Laptop, External, MP3 Player, Digital Camera, and Flash Drives.)
  • Advanced Data Recovery techniques to recover lost files, deleted files, or even files from a failing hard drive.
  • We can also perform a US Department of Defense level, secure deletion of entire hard drives. Make sure your old computer or external drive doesn’t still have private data that can be recovered by someone else.
  • Online Data Backup Solutions.
  • User Data Migration to restore data after a system reload or to move your data to a new computer system.
  • We are able to properly migrate and import your personal documents, pictures, music, and emails.
  • In-shop total back up or partial backup options available to transfer data to external drive or CD/DVD disc(s).
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